Who I Am
I am a post graduate from Monash University, Australia. Although I did my post graduation in Network Computing, these days I mainly work in web development.
What I do

After my post grad, I spent some time fiddling around with routers and switches at Desa, Australia but then quickly realised that may be pure networking is not for me. 6 months of that and I had enough. I had always had a passion for web development, not design but development. Building web systems and applications rather than web sites with all the fancy flash animations was something that I had been doing since my under grad days.

So after going back to my alma mater to teach all the while keeping an eye on what the IT market demanded, I was once again on the lookout for getting back into web development. That is when 3 years ago I got an opportunity at OMC International, Australia to work on the development of a web system for a very prestigious client.

I haven't looked back since.

My core competencies include ASP.NET C#, jQuery, MVC, TDD, MS SQL Server, RabbitMQ Message Broker and IIS along with nuts and bolts of C, PHP, Python, XML, VMware and VirtualBox.

I have also reviewed a book on jQuery Flot.

Among other things

I am also a Linux enthusiast and big proponent of Open Source Software Development which is why I spend some of my leisure time writing small applications in a hope that they may be useful to the masses.

Taking inspiration from my dad, I started playing chess at a young age and although I din't actually take any professional training I did develop a good game and represented my college in chess during my under grad studies. I am also a long time Formula 1 follower and can therefore sometimes act as an automobile/motorsport junkie !!